"ELECTROPROF" company has organised the supply and installation of the first in Russia bus bar duct for a television tower. The bus bar duct (SIEMENS GMBH) supplies power to more than 200 units of equipment located all over the tower. All works on replacement of classical cable installations were done in a reasonable time frame with minimal interruptions in the operation of the existing facility.



Briefly about the project

A unique object in terms of the technologies of the construction of its freestanding reinforced concrete tower trunk which is 261 meters high. The 60th tallest tower in the world and the 4th in Russia, the TV tower in Novorossiysk serves a fairly large area and it is also a unique structure, considering the organization of its electrical networks.

Application of efficient technologies for the distribution of electricity in high-rise buildings is an indisputable priority in the work of ElectroPROF. Focusing on the segment of performing installation works at height, we understand that the most important thing is the RELIABILITY of power supply of high-rise buildings. At the same time, appropriate distribution requires both the preservation of functions in emergency situations and the possibility of creating flexible bends in the regular mode.
Taking the TV tower as an example of a technically complicated object, we can outline a number of advantages of using a bus bar duct. It helps to save space in the TV tower building – one bus bar can replace a large number of parallel cables. High reliability – the equipment has an average service life of more than 30 years, as well as high short-circuit strength and low fire load.

At the same time, the QUALITY of the installation works has a significant influence on the reliability factors and the life span of the bus bar systems. The installation availability of assemblies of the supplied packaged bus bars is much higher than that of traditional cable wiring. In this regard, we pay special attention to the preparation stage of installation when we perform the marking of the axes and locations of the mounting brackets. Certainly, the assembling and installation of all the components of the bus bar duct are done in a strict accordance with the working design of the power supply of the facility and the instructions of the manufacturer of this product following all stages of the process chain. For the TV tower project, a network plan has been developed, as well as necessary diagrams with indications of the optimal track of the bus bar duct, with height marks and types of system laying of the system.

Only trained personnel, certified in safety precautions and instructed in the workplace on how to perform installation works of bus bar systems are allowed to do this type of work. Sling operators, welders and electricians employed by ELECTROPROF to provide installation works, have the appropriate certificates allowing them to perform such works and a permit to work at height.


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