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2020 Г.


The versatility of services and a holistic vision of the project structure, understanding the nuances of iconic objects, give us the opportunity to replenish the portfolio of unique buildings. The Ostankino TV tower is truly a unique structure, both from the point of view of a constructive that was innovative for the 60s, an unusual architectural appearance, and an amazing role in the cultural life of the capital. It is a real symbol of Moscow, a full-fledged member of the World Federation of High-Rise Towers, and, of course, a special point of attraction for tourist routes. The famous restaurant, viewing platforms, concert hall - the usual functionality of the main television tower is now complemented by the latest architectural lighting system, which has no analogues on any tower in the world. 

Back in 2014, media facades were mounted on two tiers of the structure to participate in the Circle of Light festival. At the end, it was decided to leave the media facades and use them for evening illumination and for advertising purposes. 

In 2020, LED floodlights were installed along the entire height of the half-kilometer structure of the tower on brackets, railings and on the floor of the balconies, capable of creating fantastic color dynamics, transforming the TV tower into Europe's tallest night art object. More than 550 different devices allow to project images, create multifaceted light volumes, combining an intricate ornament of light rays into a real light show.


Electric installation work

"ELECTROPROF" company performed a full range of electrical installation and commissioning, including control system. 

Lighting concept creation – "Orion-art" company.

Facts about the object

the highest architectural lighting system in Europe, operated under low temperatures
The height of the Ostankino TV tower is 540 meters
more than 550 different fixtures
84 architectural lighting floodlights
56 show devices
More than 5000 pixels


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